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Enseñarles a meditar es una de los mejores regalos que le podemos dar a nuestros críos. No hace falta que se sienten quietos por mucho rato (misión imposible, a no ser que juguemos a las estatuas!) pero si, de enseñarles a crear el hábito de parar, de sentir su propia respiración y que encuentren ese espacio de paz que sólo existe dentro nuestro, en nuestra infinita esencia.

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In the words of Dalai Lama: If every child in the world would be taught meditation, we could eliminate violence in the world within one generation.

Teach our kids meditation is one of the best gifts we can give to them. There’s no need to sit still for long time (mission impossible, unless playing the statues game!) but, to encourage them to achieve the habit of the pause, the sense of feeling their own breathing, helping them to find that space within us where the peace of our infinite essence resides.

One of our favorite meditations, my oldest daughter Astrid loves it 🙂  is “I’m happy and I’m good” by Snatam Kaur singing along with childrens. De-light-ful! Here’s a link to play the song . They say that “the simple flutter of a butterfly can change the world”... So it’s up to us to make the difference…Enjoy! Sat nam!

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